The foundations of the Society go back to a public meeting held jointly by Beith & District Community Council and Beith Historical Society. At that meeting, in 2006, a steering group was formed comprising Allan Richardson, Tom Hart, Ian Buchanan, Julie Crook, Elizabeth Henderson, Sue Williams, Isobel Monahan and Willie Monahan. From those early beginnings Beith Cultural & Heritage society flourished.

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in June.

As of April 2015 the committee comprises:

Chairman: Allan Richardson

Vice Chairman: Tom Hart

Treasurer: Cath Macdonald

Secretary: Rae Hutchinson

Other Members: Julie Crook, James Lindsay, Mair Christie, Andy Simpson, Sadie McEwan.

In 2023 the committee is as follows:

Chairman: Julie Crook

Vice Chairman: Fergus Highgate

Treasurer: Jean Highgate

Secretary: Rae Hutchinson

Other members: Cath Macdonald, Mair Christie, Marina Simpson, Fiona Fraser, Andy Cooper, Sadie McEwan.